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Anna by Nicolo Ammaniti

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Anna is a very modern post-apocalyptic novel which plays in Sicily in the year 2020. All adults died of a red plague and only children and adolescents are left to fight for their survival knowing that they also will catch the virus when they are 14. We meet the protagonist Anna who has to fight for her survival and care for her younger brother. Her experiences in this surrounding are scary and frightening but Anna learns something every time. Anna's character is well developed with all her strengths and many flaws. It is a page-turner and at times very cruel. The only thing I found ironic is that a special brand of trainers is supposed to be the ticket to salvation, otherwise, a must read.

new perspectives on Women's rights

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Gilded Suffragists: The New York Socialites who Fought for Women's Right to Vote - Johanna Neuman

n her 240 pages long book the Gilded suffragist, Johanna Neumann tries to bring light to the American upper-crust women who fought for women's right the foremost of course the right to vote. To distinguish themselves from the British suffragettes they chose to be called suffragists as they were determined to choose other methods. These women used their own means to move the cause forward like easy access to important people, use their own publicity to introduce the topic to a wider audience and use their money in many ways to support women's rights. The time spans from 1907 till 1947 and the book describes many of these upper class women contributed to the cause. It brings a wealth of details not sparing the infighting or rivalry among various branches of women rights clubs or parties and how often the women lacked solidarity. the book is an interesting read for all who want to get an insight into the women rights movement and at the same time how society functioned at that time and at that higher class level. What is not so perfect is that the chapters at times lack cohesiveness and the book seems not well organized. It is also distracting that the author finds it necessary to describe in details the costs of table settings, room decoration and of clothes of these upper-class women. Nevertheless, it is a good read for the wealth of information and brings the other side of suffragists who are rarely if ever mentioned.